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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the best available grade of olive oil,  made from perfect olives crushed as soon as possible after harvest. EVOO must not be refined or chemically altered. It must have absolutely no additives, have a perfect taste and a FFA level of no more than 0.8%.
EVOO retains more of the important ingredients and antioxidants that make olive oil good for us. Olive oils branded 'Light' or 'Extra Light' are not better for you, these oils have undergone a refining process which removes most of the healthy antioxidants found in EVOO.
EVOO will have a shelf life for 12 months after production when stored in a cool dark area, because the natural antioxidants help to keep it fresh. Because of the anti-oxidants in EVOO it can also be re-used several times as a frying oil  before being discarded, making EVOO a cost effective choice.
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