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STEP 3 - MALAXING continued
As olives are harvested in winter typically the paste is very cold in the malaxers after washing and crushing if no heat is applied so to assist the malaxing process the paste is warmed slightly, however the temperature is kept below 27°C. This ensures that high quality EVOO is produced and also complies with current IOC regulations for producing "cold pressed" evoo in modern processing plants.
The decanter spins the olive paste as it enters from the malaxer at high speed forcing the heavy solids outwards and separating them from the oil.  Most of the solids are removed at this stage, and the resulting oil heads for the separator.
STEP 5 - SEPARATOR - Final clarification
The last stage is the final clarification.  This separates the oil from any remaining water and olive residue using centrifugal force. The finished product is then collected from the separator and stored in sealed tanks away from heat and light.  Before bottling our olive oil is tested to ensure it complies with IOOC standards for EVOO.
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